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Headlamps Ø150 type
Dimensions: Ø 150/143

Homologation: E20

Fit bulbs type:
R2 12V 45/40W or R2 24V 55/50W
T4W 12V or 24V (BA9s cap)

Reference mark: 7,5 (about 37,5 lx within dist. of 25 m)

IP Rating: IP54
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Product versions
Headlamp Ø150 - R2 - (lights: passing, driving, parking)
Part number Option Package Application
Headlamps Ø150 type RE.41400 bulb gasket/mounting plate/adjustments carton box/1
RE.41401 bulb gasket/mounting plate/adjustments/bulb R2 12V/bulb T4W carton box/1
Headlight bulb gasket
Part number Option Package Application
Accessories A.05820 Headlamps plastic bag/1
Headlight bulb connector block
Part number Option Package Application
Accessories A.07128
Headlamps plastic bag/1
* Part number conforms to Zelmot Electric terminology